Friday, June 19, 2015

All children will have a chance to be onstage tomorrow, Saturday July 20, at Arts Alive, in Peg Noonan Park, in the Library Tent from 11:20AM to 12:20PM. Mrs. Treasure will be read stories, play games and sing guitar songs while kids join in, and there will be dancing with scarves. The theme is sunflowers, seeds and flowers. Children ages 2-8 are welcome. We also might do some farm animal songs.
                                             (arts Alive 2014)

Monday, June 1, 2015

A busy Summer is shaping up for the Treasure Time Story Book Theatre. On June 21 at 11AM Mrs. Treasure will be at Arts Alive in a tent at Peg Noonan Park in Falmouth. Instead of having a rehearsed group perform, Mrs. Treasure will be available to read stories, sing songs and do some dramatic skits with whoever shows up in the audience. This can be an opportunity for kids to be on stage and perform a simple song or skit, and for younger children to hear stories and songs from older kids. Do come and join us! Here's a picture from last year.