Monday, July 14, 2014

We are now looking forward to our August Workshop at Buzzards Play Productions in Wareham. Our class is filling up with a nice mix of ages, including a substantial crew aged 10-12, including a good number of boys. The play we are doing is based on Dory Story, which is about the ocean food chain.  There will be plenty of opportunities for killer whales, sharks, seals and big whales to interact on stage, and to improvise with the plot. Class participants will be required to do some scientific research on their marine character, and they will help with their own costumes, props, and background scenery. One of the props is a dingy, which will be built out of cardboard. There will also be at least three songs to learn along with simple hand motions and dance moves.

The class is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 10AM to 12 PM for two weeks, starting August 4 and ending with a performance on August 13 at noon. Call Lee Drescher at 508 548-0155 to sign up, or email