Thursday, March 20, 2014

Treasure Time Story Book Theatre Program for Young Actors, ages 6 & up.

Take part in a spontaneous play at Buzzards Play Productions, 3065 Cranberry Highway, East Wareham on Saturday, March 22 at 2PM. Limited to 30 children, $20 each.  Call  508 548-0155 or email for reservations.

The children who attend this workshop will act out a scripted, musical play which is based on Giraffe's Can't Dance, a popular book about bullying, published by Scholastic. After hearing the story, they will all have a chance to be on stage for part of the play as they take turns volunteering for different roles. They will be encouraged to improvise or a line will be dictated to them. Music and a song will be played when each animal comes to the dance, so each young actor will be urged to dance when he performs. If there's time and kids want to try, they can come up and sing some of the songs at the end of the show.

This will be an experiment in children's theatre. Through practice, I have discovered that this is the format which works best. We also hope that this live story hour will lead to future performances. In an intergenerational, interactive story hour, big kids will give back to the community while they put on a play and sing songs for pre schoolers and younger kids.
It will also be a family literacy program which encourages communication, makes brain connections and encourages having fun at artistic play.