Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Book recommended by Mrs. Treasure- Grumpy Badger's Christmas

This simple, cute story is written by Paul Bright and nicely illustrated by Jane Chapman. Does anyone ever feel grumpy, especially at this time of year? When the little forest animals are busy getting ready for a Christmas celebration, all Grumpy Badger wants to do is go to bed and sleep. Every time he crawls underneath his warm comforter, someone bangs on his door and asks for something like a ladder or a string of lights. Finally Grumpy falls asleep but he dreams of his friend Mole stuck at the top of the tree. So he jumps out of bed, grabs his ladder and decides to participate in all the frivolity after all. In fact, he hosts the party!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Winter Giving Activity

At this Holiday time of year when Winter is coming and we give thanks and give gifts to others, here is an idea for the birds and small animals. Do you have some stale crackers or chips in your cupboard? If you have a yard, break them up into little pieces, spread them out on the ground and see who comes to eat them. If you live in the city, take them to the Park or put a little tray feeder outside of your window and watch to see who comes to the feast.

Roscoe and Molly like this idea but these tidbits are for the birds.